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2017 Board of Directors

Watch for an announcement on our new 2017-2018 board and advisory members



Aida Elnagar (Clinical Administrative Assistant)

Alain-Remi Lajeunesse (Physician)

Andrea Hunter (Pediatrician)

Ashley McCallagh-Cheung (Physician)

Ben Croft (Physician)

Bera Garcia (Registered Nurse and Health Promotion Coordinator)

Brianna Wilson (Physician) on leave

Carmen Cuming (Mental Health Counselor)

Christian Kraeker (Internal Medicine)

Claire Kenny-Scherber - Honorary Member/Physician

Elisabeth Canisius (Pediatrician)

Abubaker Khalifa (Internal Medicine)

Erica Roebbelen (Physician)

Hannah Bell (Registered Nurse)

Javier Ganame (Cardiologist)

Lois Campbell (Registered Nurse)

Kym Singlehurst (Administrative Coordinator)

Mandy Tam (Physician)

Maureen O'Malley (Dermatologist)

Mike West (Physician)


Madeleine Verhovsek (Hematologist)

Mohamed Khaled (Medical Director)

Natalie Childs (Nurse Practitioner)

Natty Hunt (Registered Nurse)

Nina Karachi-Khaled (Administrative Support)

Nadia Hajir-Amiri (Registered Nurse)

Rachel Erstling (Psychiatrist)

Shelley Sender (Physician)

Sue Grafe (Nurse Practitioner)

Terri Bedminster (Executive Director)

Tim O'Shea (Infectious Disease)

Vinos Haidary (Project Assistant)